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Gabriel Njinimbot for Congress Maryland 04
vote Gabriel Njinimbot for congress Maryland 4th district
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My Priorities

Improving education and empowering our educators.

Any Child in a school district with the Statistics you see below  matters to me even if its not my child. We must invest in our children to prepare them for Global Economic competition by giving them the best education. Here is our district’s current statistics:  Overall District Rank: Bottom 50% Graduation Rate: 76% (bottom 50% in MD) Math Proficiency: 8% Reading Proficiency: 24% Overall State Rank in Education: 23rd position out of 25th. If elected, I will prioritize improving our educational facilities and fight for better pay for our teachers. I will fight for:
  • Better training for teachers and more specialists in special education
  • Creating more after school programs and trade schools that can nurture a student’s future career 
  • Establishing 100 more schools to reduce overcrowding. 
  • Bring back retired teachers to mentor younger and inexperienced teachers. Creating a mentorship program between retired educators to train less experienced teachers
  • Hiring more bus drivers

Safer and thriving neighborhoods

Our district currently ranks the 2nd highest in crime. If elected, I will fight for a brighter community by:
  • Addressing and reducing homelessness
  • Open more mental health facilities. 
  • Knocking down all abandoned buildings in the district for economic planning and creating more commercial spaces
  • Adding more active streetlights
  • Keeping our inner cities and neighborhood clean and free of trash and debris
  • Hire 300 more fire fighters and pay them more.

Better wages and increased entrepreneurship

The minimum wage is $15 We need to increase this and make it liveable at a rate of $20 for any anyone willing and able to work in America If elected I will also fight for:
  • Reducing the administrative bottlenecks in the process of opening and running a small business
  • Creating tax incentives for establishing and running small businesses
  • Bringing in more entrepreneurs of color

Women's Rights

I will fight fiercely for women’s rights which have been under constant attack by the far right.

Care for the elderly

I will fight for better accessibility and affordability to healthcare, food, facilities, and prescription drugs to our seniors.
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Maryland’s 4th Congressional District

The Maryland General Assembly, under the Maryland Constitution, enacted new congressional districts under SB 1012 (2022) based on the changes in population reported in the 2020 U.S. Census and adjusted in accordance with Maryland’s “No Representation Without Population Act” of 2010.

The updated congressional district maps have been implemented starting on January 3rd 2023 onwards.

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