On September 21, 2023, the Future Congressman for Maryland’s 4th District, Gabby Njinimbot, participated in an inspiring event hosted by One Voice Africa. The gathering was a testament to the power of unity and collaboration, as Gabby engaged with NAPAC-USA (Nigerian-American Public Affairs Committee), an organization at the forefront of advocating for social change and fostering support networks within the Nigerian-American community.


Empowering Voices: Gabby Njinimbot's Meeting with NAPAC-USA

Empowering a Community for Change

NAPAC-USA stands as a beacon of advocacy and empowerment, recognizing the immense potential within the Nigerian-American community. Their mission is two-fold: to campaign for social change on critical issues and to establish robust support systems for their members. At the heart of their endeavors lies a dedication to providing a platform for the voices of the next generation.

A Vision Aligned with Progress

Gabby Njinimbot’s meeting with NAPAC-USA signals a shared commitment to effecting positive change in the 4th District. By partnering with organizations like NAPAC-USA, Gabby taps into a deep well of collective wisdom and experience, channeling it towards the betterment of the community.

This collaboration aims to address vital concerns such as education, healthcare, economic opportunities, and more. Together, Gabby and NAPAC-USA are determined to craft policies that result in tangible improvements in the lives of their constituents.


Building Bridges: Gabby Njinimbot's Meeting with NAPAC-USA

Amplifying Diverse Voices

The Nigerian-American community boasts a rich tapestry of voices, each contributing a unique perspective to the mosaic of American society. Through platforms like NAPAC-USA, these voices not only find resonance but are also wielded with purpose. This meeting signifies a dynamic shift towards an inclusive and engaged civic discourse.

As Gabby Njinimbot charts his course towards the Capitol, he does so with a profound appreciation for the strength and potential inherent in the Nigerian-American community. Together with NAPAC-USA, they forge a path towards progress, demonstrating the true power that arises when communities unite for a common cause.

Gabby Njinimbot for Congress Maryland 4th district

In the spirit of unity, Gabby and NAPAC-USA exemplify the heights that can be reached when communities come together to effect meaningful change. Their collaboration serves as a testament to the enduring power of collective action in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. Together, they lay the foundation for a future defined by inclusivity, progress, and the empowerment of all voices.